Susan M
I made an online purchase yesterday. I was expecting it to be shipped and was a bit worried because I had let myself almost run out of the CBD oil. I also purchased the pain cream as I have Neuropathy in my hands and it goes a long way to give me some relief. Imagine my surprise when on my front porch was a bag with my purchases in it!!! Now, that is customer service! Every time I have been in the store I have received caring, knowledgeable service and she even remembers what strength and flavor I like! I would recommend this location to anyone. Thanks for being the BEST!!
Stephanie P
Located as the anchor store in the strip mall at The corner of Englewood and Antioch road (MO) next to Salon E-clips. What an amazing, charming, delightful little shop! Filled with locally sourced products by local artisans and holistic makers of both beauty products and tinctures. I stopped in to just kind of browse and see what they have, and I was pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere. There was beautiful local art all over the walls, a large spacious area with comfortable seating areas that just made it feel cozy and comfortable. I don't know if the intent is to come hang out there, but I really wanted to. There's not a lot of product on display, which I thought was really interesting. They have maybe one of everything out on shelves tastefully displayed throughout the store, and then of course you could always ask to talk about it to get more which I'm presuming is in the back? I spoke to Nancy the owner, and I feel like I could (and did) talk to her all day long. They have everything from drops and treats for your animals to textures, vapes, lotions, and the best body butter I think I have ever used in my life. I can't express enough how knowledgeable Nancy was about all the different products and how laid-back and comfortable everything was. It is imperative for me to buy local when possible and I was so impressed by the quality the freshness and the sense of supporting my community by purchasing their products. I will be back again and again, if for no other reason to get that Frank and myrhh body butter, because damn. I absolutely loved this store and highly recommend you check it out.
Brie S
Love this CBD honey. I ordered this from Hemp Haven Gladstone and it was delivered super fast. The quality and taste of this honey is incredible. Best CBD product I've ever tried. Highly recommend this store, Nancy is amazing and the products are top notch. Shop with confidence, you won't be disappointed.
Lisa K
Super knowledgeable staff and very reasonable prices. I feel like I am getting what I pay for rather than taking a shot with something online or in a fly by night store. Hemp Haven has accessible labs on all their products and they never push a sale on me.
Zen C
The only place I get my CBD and I live 800 miles away! Great products and excellent customer service!